Skills & Specialties

Instructional Design Specialties

Learning styles integrated with MBTI


      •   Interactive, responsive, comprehensive media

      •   Content Management Systems - CMS

      •   Learning Management Systems - LMS

      •   Integrated Digital Approach:
           website, social media, newsletter, blog

      •   Learning styles and strategies, integrated with MBTI

      •   Differentiated Instruction, Project-based Instruction

      •   Learning Communities, Communities of Practice

We can harness the power of the web to make learning more individualized and better supported by groups at the same time. Learning communities supported by specifically tailored tracking, goal-setting and feedback!



      •   Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, 40+ other programs

      •   Expert knowledge of Photoshop, Fireworks,
           Dreamweaver, Excel, FileMaker Pro

      •   CMS experience: Drupal, Websphere, Blackboard,
           Ecollege, Elluminate, Moodle, etc.

      •   Coding skills: HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, jQuery

      •   Optimized graphics, HTML email, cross-browser

      •   Responsive design (like this site)

      •   HTML-based responsive email, using Lyris, Marketo

      •   Strong visual support in narrative framework

Key Instructional Design Models:

Learning in COP

      •   Tyler Rationale & Backward Design

      •   Dick & Carey Systems Approach

      •   Gagne, Reigeluth, Romiszowski

      •   Senge - systems analysis

      •   Wenger - Communities of Practice

      •   Kolb, Caine, Jensen - individuation

      •   McCarthy’s 4MAT System